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BCC AND ASSOCIATES is a public private partnership (PPP) consulting firm founded in 2016, consisting of a team of world class leading professional project managers, project finance specialists, lawyers, and university professors having experience over 40 years.
BCC AND ASSOCIATES has in-house capabilities in delivering infrastructure for public private partnerships mass transit railway infrastructure projects, particularly using the Rail
+ Property model. ​Prior to the founding of BCC AND ASSOCIATES, our management team worked in senior executive positions for top leading consultants, property developers,statutory bodies and Universities. Our expertise lies in:

  • PPP Metro Railway Infrastructure Projects
  • PPP Project Financing
  • SPV Project Management
  • BIM and IoT Asset Management

BCC AND ASSOCIATES is devoted to implement the infrastructure development projects based upon the World Bank Group's PPP Certification Program Guide knowledge which is promoted by the Asian Development Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and the World Bank Group.​ The PPP Guide is the Book of Knowledge detailing all relevant
aspects of creating and implementing efficient and sustainable public private partnerships as part of the Certification Program innovated by the five above-mentioned banks. Few of our directors are the key members in translating the PPP Certification Program Guide into Chinese for promotion of Certified PPP Professional with CP3P credential. in China. The Chinese version of the PPP Guide is being endorsed by the Chinese Government.With BCC AND ASSOCIATES strong leadership, sound infrastructure technical know-how and proper understanding of PPP principles, together with thorough planning and financing, BCC AND ASSOCIATES can provide services in the following PPP phases:

Phase 1- Project Identification and PPP Screening
Phase 2- Appraisal and Preparation Phase
Phase 3- Structuring and Drafting Phase
Phase 4- Tender Phase (to award and sign contract)
Phase 5- Contract Management Phase — Construction
Phase 6- Contract Management Phase — Operations

We are experienced in raising significant railway and national infrastructure projects in international capital market and money market and debt market. We could lead thefinancing programs and risk management programs with top international banks.

Our staff have earned the confidence of their previous clients over the years due to our passion, integrity, and responsiveness. Our goal is to solve clients program and project challenges with our unmatched level of enthusiasm and commitment to high-quality service within the required budgetary and schedule requirements.

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