The Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ and Exporters’ Association (HKCIEA) was founded in 1954. Gathering business leaders from import and export industry, HKCIEA is one of the major chambers of commerce in Hong Kong.

Import and export trade industry is the pillar industry in Hong Kong economy, contributing 16% of GDP and serving more than 400,000 employees. HKCIEA is the most representative chamber of commerce in import and export functional constituency and acts as a bridge between government and business sectors since its founding. HKCIEA has been committed to fighting for the rights and facilitating trade exchanges between its members and the rest of the world, and has been gradually developing into a platform for its members to express opinions, collect various political and social information so as to make contribution to society and to strengthen liaison between members. For decades, HKCIEA strives for the members’ participation in the national and their own business development through different methods.

Since the return of Hong Kong to the Motherland, we fully support the Hong Kong government to govern according to law and actively disseminate the positive energy to the society. HKCIEA strives to give back to the community by carrying out activities such as economic forums, seminars and youth activities, and providing assistance to the elderly and the needy.

HKCIEA has council members to make decision on the association’s affairs and President, Vice Presidents and Honorary Secretary to handle the daily affairs. HKCIEA has nine working departments, including Industrial and Commercial Committee, Social Affairs Committee, Mainland Affairs Committee, Members Affairs Committee, Communications and External Affairs Committee, Youth Affairs Committee, Women Affairs Committee, Research Department and Finance Department. HKCIEA Secretariat provides comprehensive support for the Association.

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