Outstanding Import Export Enterprise Awards

Following meticulous deliberation and preparation over a long stretch of time, the Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ and Exporters’ Association (HKCIEA) established the Outstanding Import and Export Enterprise Awards in 2014 to commend import-export companies with outstanding achievements and to express gratitude to such enterprises for their contributions to Hong Kong’s economic development over the years. By presenting the successful experiences of outstanding enterprises, the Outstanding Import and Export Enterprise Awards unites all parties in the industry and encourages them to draw inspiration from such enterprises, stay adaptable and agile in the face of challenges, move with the times, expand the scale of their businesses, and help drive Hong Kong’s import-export sector to forge ahead and embark on new stage of development.

The Outstanding Import and Export Enterprise Awards enjoys strong support from the Hong Kong SAR government and the import-export industry. The government attaches great importance to the event. Since its inception, the Financial Secretary of Hong Kong has been invited to be the guest of honour to present awards every year, and the Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development to be the head of the panel of judges.

From 2014 to 2019, the Outstanding Import and Export Enterprise Awards had been held for six years in a row, with the number of participants, including partnering institutions, increasing every year. Every year about 30 companies came out as winners. The scope of assessment has expanded, so that the award categories also covered new industries. Today, the Import and Export Enterprise Awards is not only a signature event of HKCIEA but is also a well-respected, landmark award representing Hong Kong’s import-export industry and even the city’s business community as a whole.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Import and Export Enterprise Awards was suspended. Nevertheless, HKCIEA had put in great efforts to prepare for the future resumption of the event. Over the past year, the Hong Kong economy was gradually back on track and HKCIEA decided that it was time to resume the Import and Export Enterprise Awards and broaden its scope. The event in 2024 will be reinvented, covering not only Hong Kong companies but also enterprises in mainland China and other economies.

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