[Belt and Road] Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zones 20/20 Kyrgyzstan Asia Star Agricultural Cooperation Zone

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In August 2016, the Asia Star agricultural industrial cooperation zone was identified by the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of finance as the national “foreign economic and trade cooperation zone”. In July 31, 2017, it became the first pilot unit of the Ministry of agriculture to build the first “demonstration area of foreign agricultural cooperation”, which was the only foreign trade and economic cooperation zone confirmed by the three ministries and commissions in China.


The Southern Group Guiyou to respond positively to the national “The Belt and Road” strategy, since November 2011 investment in Kyrgyzstan Agricultural Industrial Park, Henan Guiyou group through the acquisition of fixed assets acquired 100% stake by the Asian star Limited by Share Ltd to build enterprise cooperation zone, a total area of 5.67 square kilometers, the construction area of 19 Ten thousand square meters.


The development model of the integration of “internal and external Union, group development and industrial chain” is adopted, including agricultural planting, livestock breeding, slaughtering and processing, feed processing, logistics and storage, agricultural machinery parts processing, agricultural free trade zone and international trade center.


The zone is currently in the “The Belt and Road along the countries in Central Asia the most complete industrial chain, infrastructure and perfect agricultural industrial cooperation zone, Henan has become the enterprise response” The Belt and Road “strategy, cultivating model of the fertile soil in central asia.


Further Information: http://www.asiasatar.com/index.php/en

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