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Firstnet bonded logistics has 4 bonded warehouses with an area of 50000 square meters. The warehouse is located in the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area. Firstnet bonded logistics providing customers with accurate and efficient warehousing logistics services. There are three main functions:

Cross-border warehouse

  • To realize the forward transfer of Hong Kong warehouse to bonded warehouse, avoid the disadvantages of high rent and high labor in Hong Kong warehouse, and realize the mode of Hong Kong store and Dongguan warehouse.
  • The products of domestic factories can be directly exported to the bonded warehouse with tax refund, and do not need to be transported to Hong Kong for one-day tour.
  • Foreign products can be transported to Hong Kong by air or sea, and then transported to Dongguan bonded warehouse for storage through China and Hong Kong.
  • Automatic replenishment, sorting, labeling and other additional services in Firstnet cross-border warehouse according to the sales situation of Hong Kong and domestic hypermarkets
  • The bonded warehouse can deliver the goods needed by the Hong Kong market to the designated receiving point in Hong Kong the next day.

General Trade Mode

  • All imported goods are imported to Firstnet cross-border warehouse
  • Only when the goods are actually picked up by domestic stores, individuals or companies can they be delivered with tax
  • Goods not sold in China can be returned to the port without tax.
  • When overseas suppliers ship to the mainland, they can even ship first, pay taxes once a week or a month, and save the cost of capital occupation.

Cross-Border e-Commerce

  • Goods not on the negative list only need 9.1% tax. There is no need for special license and filing.
  • After the end customer selects the products in each official website mall, he / she pays at the payment platform. After the payment platform receives the personal information and payment fed back from the official website, he / she sends the customer information to the delivery platform, which picks up the goods according to the order, clears the customs and sends it to each end customer.

Contact: Billy Lee
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