Message From Legislative Councillor

Hong Kong’s economy has been facing serious challenges; the situation makes people feel anxious. Global economy is in recession level while the recovery of European economy is at sluggish pace and the Chinese economy is slowing down. Hong Kong, as an external oriented economy, is unavoidably to be affected; for instance, the businesses of local production, import and export trading activities are behind expectation. Small and medium enterprises(SME) have encountered difficulties by the skyrocketed operating costs such as raw material cost, the office and shop rent, equipment expense and labor cost. Moreover, enterprises have been worried about new changes on policy, for example the implemented minimum wage and competition law, and the cancellation of offsetting of MPF that government actively studies. If these policies be implemented, it will lift heavy burden to enterprises.


Hong Kong has suffered in slow economic growth, as well as the recent political conflicts. The opposition parties disrupt the operation of the Legislative Council (LegCo) and obstruct policies by using “Filibuster” in the LegCo. Scholars initiate “Occupy movements” for universal suffrage and incite youngsters to commit criminal acts which seriously harm our social order and affect economic activities especially in retail, catering and tourism industry. After the “Occupy movements”, young radicals emerge in the society, claiming to protect local interest. They alienate the discontent and deliberate the contradiction between Hong Kong and Mainland people, causing harm to Hong Kong business environment and the integration with Mainland. These never-ending conflicts intensify the social conflict and chaos, drag down the government policy and obstruct Hong Kong economic development, causing Hong Kong a stagnant dilemma. As for the deep-seated social conflict, from my perspective, consensus can be reached through communication and negotiation; I strongly oppose any claim about Hong Kong Independence and any violence action and believe “One Country, Two Systems” is the only solution for maintaining Hong Kong sustainable development.


Hong Kong economy is beset troubles internally and externally. Owing to the uncertainty of the import and export trade, the industry is facing critical difficulty. As a representative of the import and export industry, I think HKSAR government should act as a promoter on industrial development, assisting multiple development and transformation of enterprises, including grasping the opportunity of the “Belt and Road Initiative”, the development plan for a city cluster in the “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area” and the National 13th Five-Year Plan. The government should assist all walks of life on promoting goods and services to outbound areas, attract and motivate new industry development by introducing industrial development fund, tax concessions, land policy and immigration policy; take advantage of frontier areas to develop retail commerce in order to explore new sources of economic growth; continuously promote tourism by improving industry regulations and increase tourism infrastructure; enhance measures on nurturing industrial development, provide suitable industrial land to setup plants for re-shoring manufacturers. Besides, the government should nurture SME by optimizing the “SME Financing Guarantee Scheme” to maintain company funding supply; increase in commercial lands to provide better trading environment.


I will continue to maintain close contact with the import and export sector, reflect on their requests and strive for their benefits. I look forward to receiving your valuable suggestions and knowing more of your needs. We will continue working tirelessly towards the development of Hong Kong economy and the prosperity and stability of our society.

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