[Belt and Road] Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zones 12/20 Ethiopia Eastern Industrial Zone

Eastern Industry Zone is the only overseas economic & trade cooperative zone in Ethiopia at national level. Since its commencement, Eastern Industry Zone has been attached great importance by both China and Ethiopia Governments and received continuous guidance and support with enthusiasm and devotion from governments at different levels. With support and guidance from the government from both countries at different levels, the construction of the Eastern Industry Zone has been under smooth progress and the prospects only tend to be increasingly brighter for its development. Since its inauguration, the Eastern Industry Zone has been under the guidelines that Government instructs; Legally managed; Market-oriented; Modern Corporate operation, exerting necessary efforts to strike the perfect balance between efficient construction and investment promotion, between bettering hardware platform and software environment; between image building and satisfying performance.


The planned area for Eastern Industry Zone is 500 hectares and the title deed covering the area of 400 hectares has been issued from the local land administration. Currently the Phase 1 (233 hectares), out of the total 500-hectare planned area for our overall project, has already been operational, with serviced land subleased to investors and 22 pre-erected sheds covering built up area of 300,000sqm rented-out to different industrial manufacturers. Injected with the investment capital of USD 200 million, the infrastructure construction of Eastern Industry Zone has been completed in the aspects of road, electricity, water supply & drainage and telecommunication. We have put into place facilities such as a sewage treatment plant with 13,000 tons daily processing capacity, a 252 MW substation, the daily 10,000 tons of water supply system, plantation landscaping area of 35,000 sm2, three residential & dormitory buildings covering 18,500 sm2 and one comprehensive cafeteria covering 3024 sm2.


Up to today, 83manufacturers have moved inside and over 10,000 job opportunities have been created to local employees. 45out of 83 enterprises have gone into production with the agreed investment amount standing at USD 900 million. For the time being, the actual investment volume of the 83 manufacturers has reached USD 400 million with the aggregate output amounting to USD 900 million and taxation of USD 75million paid to Inland Revenue authority. The investors accommodated within the compound are mainly engaged in cement, footwear, automobile assembly, steel rolling, textile & garment, etc.


Further Information: http://www.e-eiz.com/home.php?lg=en

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