[Belt and Road] Overseas Economic and Trade Cooperation Zones 15/20 China-Indonesia Julong Agricultural Industry Cooperation Zone

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Julong Company began to build China – Indonesia Julong Agricultural Industry Cooperation Zone in 2013, and actively build a service platform to serve overseas agricultural investment. Up to now, the cooperative zone has completed road, water supply, power supply, drainage, communication and land leveling and other basic supporting construction, and has acquired industrial land area of 323 square kilometers. The total investment of implementing enterprises exceeds US$100 million, of which nearly US$90 million is invested in infrastructure construction. The cooperative zone has attracted 14 enterprises of all kinds. Facing the future, Julong will continue to cultivate the palm planting base in Southeast Asia, develop the palm planting base in Africa and the food crop base, lay out the soybean oil and oil base in South America, and build three business platforms in Asia-Pacific, Africa and America.


Further Information: http://www.englishjulong.site.jiujiukeji.net/

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