Council members float plenty of ideas at brainstorming session to support HKCIEA’s development (1 April 2023)

Shortly after the 36th Council of the Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ and Exporters’ Association (HKCIEA) took office, a brainstorming session was held in the ballroom of InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong in Tsim Sha Tsui on 1 April 2023. The meeting was chaired by HKCIEA Vice President and Honorary Secretary Wan Hang-ping. President Pui Kwan-kay delivered an important speech and put forward an array of comments and suggestions on different issues, including how to foster HKCIEA’s development, further improve its operating mechanisms and promote its sustainable development. A total of 45 council members attended the event.

During the meeting, President Pui underscored that nurturing talents and successors tops the agenda of the council, hence the establishment of an attendance recording and performance evaluation system. The system ensures that there are traceable records on members’ involvement in HKCIEA’s affairs, the level of their involvement and work progress. Records of members proactively contributing their ideas and efforts will be clear for all to see. Such members will form the backbone of HKCIEA. Every six months, an attendance and performance report is issued and the principles of fairness, objectivity and transparency are upheld. President Pui said he hopes HKCIEA can help create favourable conditions for young people to advance their career and serve society.

HKCIEA Vice President and Honorary Secretary Wan Hang-ping also stressed that nurturing talent is of paramount importance, and that efforts and money should be invested in retaining talent for HKCIEA. When there is a good foundation of talent and a solid financial basis, HKCIEA will be able to move onward and upward. Regarding business and trading strategies, legislator Kennedy Wong Ying-ho suggested the government to step up efforts to promote the digital economy and cross-border e-commerce, given that there is a lack of large-scale cross-border e-commerce platform in Hong Kong and the high costs that small and medium-sized enterprises can hardly afford.

During the event, Vice Secretary Byron Wong Tsz-wan presented a report on the work progress of the council since it took office. He mentioned eight key tasks that have been completed or are being executed. Various Vice Presidents and Vice Honorary Secretaries also spoke of the work they are in charge of and proffered many comments. In addition, the Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons of the two departments of the seven committees of HKCIEA also reported on the work progress of different departments and spoke of new plans in the coming year.

Lam Lung-on, president of the previous council, and Chan King, vice president and honorary secretary of the previous council, respectively spoke of the celebration events marking the 70th anniversary of HKCIEA next year. Both noted that as celebration of the 60th anniversary was held with much fanfare, more efforts should be made to mark the 70th anniversary, which signifies a new level for HKCIEA.

Council members attending the brainstorming session included Vice Presidents Jimmy Wong Chi-ho, Tony Pang Chor-fu, David Ho Chi-ho, Eddy Li Sau-hung, Andrew Chan Shiu-shan, Kenneth Chan Kin-nin, Kwok Ying-lan and Pong Kin-yee, and Vice Honorary Secretaries Michael Li Chi-fung and Sophia Lee Shuk-woon. They discussed a variety of issues from different perspectives, including how to expand the scope of HKCIEA’s work, preparation of events celebrating HKCIEA’s 70th anniversary, the long-term development of Hong Kong’s import-export sector and the government’s supporting policies.

Attendees enthusiastically took part in the in-depth discussions, so that the objectives of brainstorming and working towards the goals of HKCIEA were fulfilled! Following the meeting, participants had lunch together.

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