Secretary for Transport and Logistics Lam Sai-hung speaks at HKCIEA talk, vows to speed up development of intermodal transport system(27 March 2023)

In expanding the scope of its work, the Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ and Exporters’ Association (HKCIEA) strives to come up with news ideas. Under the coordination of Vice President and Honorary Secretary Wan Hang-ping, HKCIEA has launched the Political and Ecomonic Talk, an exchange event that takes place after the HKCIEA Council meeting every month. Prominent political and business figures, such as government officials, business leaders and renowned scholars, are invited to the event as keynote speakers to share their insight into government policies and future development plans, the current development and future prospects of the import-export sector, as well as important social issues. The guests also exchange views with and address questions raised by HKCIEA board members and general members. Through the event, HKCIEA provides yet another important channel facilitating communication between the import-export sector in Hong Kong and different industries.

On 27 March 2023, Lam Sai-hung, Secretary for Transport and Logistics, was invited to the Political and Business Talk as a keynote guest. During the event, he said that Hong Kong should give full play to the advantages of its intermodal transport system consisting of air, sea and land transport. He cited the Airport Authority’s Hong Kong International Airport Logistics Park in Dongguan, which provides one-stop customs clearance service for aviation security, packing, palletising, and delivery of goods from the mainland. The infrastructure enables seamless transportation of goods to the Airside Intermodal Air Cargo Handling Facility of the Hong Kong international airport in 2.5 hours at the fastest, and there is no need to conduct security checks again. Overseas goods can be transported to the mainland through the same steps. The two projects, to be launched into operation in 2025, will help businesses cut down operating costs by 50 percent and cargo processing time by about one-third.

Meanwhile, the Quota-free Scheme for Hong Kong Private Cars Travelling to Guangdong via the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge will be launched this year. According to Secretary Lam, car owners in Hong Kong will only have to pay a fee of HK$3,000 to $4,000 that covers insurance, which will entitle them to drive to Guangdong for short stays for an unlimited number of times. More than 400,000 owners of eligible cars in Hong Kong can benefit. Secretary added that the policy will change Hong Kong people’s lifestyle.

More than 60 people attended the event, including HKCIEA President Pui Kwan-kay, Vice President and Honorary Secretary Wan, legislator Kennedy Wong Ying-ho (import-export sector), Vice Presidents Jimmy Wong Chi-ho, Tony Pang Chor-fu, Eddy Li Sau-hung, Andrew Chan Shiu-shan, Kenneth Chan Kin-nin and Kwok Ying-lan, Vice Honorary Secretaries Byron Wong Tsz-wan, Michael Li Chi-fung and Sophia Lee Shuk-woon, and Executive Director Ivan Wong Siu-kei. During the Q&A session, the council members enthusiastically had in-depth exchange with Secretary Lam!

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