Fun Reading Day 2019

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Fun Reading Day, co-operated by the Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ & Exporters’ Association(HKCIEA), Yazhou Zhoukan (YZZK), Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers (HKFEW) and 0 media successfully launched on 18-19 July, 2019 during the 30th HKTDC Hong Kong Book Fair.

Deputy Secretary for Education Mrs Hong Chan Tsui Wah, Under Secretary for Economic and Commerce Dr Bernard Chan, Director of Taiwan Affairs Office of LOCPG Mr Yang liuchang, Deputy Inspector of the Education, Science and Technology Department of LOCPG Mr Zhang Zong Ming, Member of the Legislative Council Mr Wong Ting-kwong, Honorary Chairman of the Organizing Committee Mr Yiu Chi Shing attended the opening ceremony for secondary group on 18th July.

Under Secretary for Home Affairs Mr Jack Chan, Under Secretary for Education Dr Choi Yuk Lin attended the opening ceremony for primary group on 19th July. Chairman of the Organizing Committee cum Executive Director Mr David Ho delivered the opening speech while Vice-Chairman Mr Leung Chun Kit and Mr Jiang Xun delivered the vote of thanks.

Fun Reading Day has come to its seventh year. Over the past years, the scale of the event has been enlarging from two hundred participants to a thousand participants. This year, we have invited 20 students from Taiwan, 18 students from Foshan and 14 students from Macau to share and exchange their views.

The motivation of Fun Reading Day is to guide students the importance of reading, allowing them to enjoy reading and expressing their thoughts through writing. The event also invited six writers from Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan to share their reading stories, guiding their mindset and drawing inspiration. Hong Kong writers Ms Wong Hung-kin and Ms Zhou Mimi, Taiwan writers Mr Tom Wang and Ms Yan Shunu, Mainland writers Ms Lu Mei and Mr Chen Shige. Besides, the event will sponsor every student $150 to purchase books during the book fair, distinguished pieces of students during the writing section will have the opportunity to be published.

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