Sky Waterproofer and Contractor Co Ltd

Sky Waterproofer and Contractor Co Ltd was established in Hong Kong in 1982. We are a government-authorised contractor for waterproofing as well as repair and painting solutions. We provide a variety of waterproofing solutions for rooftop, basement (tanking), pool and windows, and repair and painting solutions for both commercial, industrial and residential building structures. We use ISO-certified, quality materials for all our work.

Since our establishment, we have developed our reputation through providing professional services and rigorous quality control standards. In addition to providing free initial consultation and quotation, we are able to provide a guarantee of maintenance for up to ten years (subject to contractual terms and conditions) in order to ensure that each customer is offered a comprehensive and customised solution.

Contact Person:  Mr. Lam
Tel/Fax: (+852) 2858 8925/(+852) 2858 9625
Address: 13A Kimley Commercial Building,142-146 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

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