Various HKCIEA ideas adopted by CE’s Policy Address (25 October 2023)

On 25 October 2023, the Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ and Exporters’ Association (HKCIEA) organised a live broadcast of Chief Executive John Lee’s second Policy Address. Right after the announcement, HKCIEA held a symposium to discuss the details of the Policy Address. HKCIEA is of the view that the Policy Address is practical in that it identifies the issues facing Hong Kong and also seeks to find solutions. The Policy Address indicates the government is aware that striving for economic growth is the top priority. HKCIEA welcomes and applauds that. In addition, the Chief Executive has incorporated in the Policy Address various ideas floated by HKCIEA recently, including setting up the E-commerce Development Task Force, implementing an investment entrant scheme, expanding the new energy vehicle market, easing “spicy measures” to stabilize the property market, and arranging for foreign companies in Hong Kong to visit the Greater Bay Area. All these are exciting moves that will support continuous economic growth and maintain Hong Kong’s competitiveness.

For years, we had been striving for the establishment of an official task force to promote e-commerce. We are especially delighted that the government has heeded our idea and set up the E-commerce Development Task Force. Likewise, we are pleased that the government has adopted our suggestion to launch “E-commerce Easy” under the Dedicated Fund on Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales to implement e-commerce projects.

In addition, we welcome the government’s decision to adopt HKCIEA’s suggestion and propose the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. In terms of “trawling for talents”, the government’s plan to relax the visa policy for Laotian and Nepalese talents for employment is equally laudable. Nevertheless, we believe such relaxation should not be limited to high-end talents but also workers in the frontline labour force, so as to ease labour shortage in Hong Kong.

As the leading chamber of commerce representing the import-export sector, HKCIEA hopes that the Belt and Road Office under Commerce and Economic Development Bureau is in touch with what is happening in the region and provide services related to licences, account opening, taxation and legal affairs. As mentioned, the Hong Kong government has heeded our suggestion to arrange for foreign businessmen in Hong Kong to visit the Greater Bay Area and glean a better understanding of the local investment environment. By organising such tours, the government can join hands with mainland enterprises to explore business opportunities. HKCIEA is happy to help with planning itineraries for visiting foreign companies.

In terms of the Lok Ma Chau Loop, HKCIEA is of the view that some land should be reserved for fostering development of high-end trading businesses in Hong Kong and boost the city’s competitiveness.

HKCIEA will, as always, unite different parties and lend full support to the Hong Kong SAR government and its governance, so that the plans in the Policy Address will be materialised to benefit Hong Kong and its economy.

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