Position Paper


Statement of Condemnation of Illegal Referendum

The Hong Kong Chinese Importers’ and Exporters’ Association strongly condemns the call by radical, selfish groups for holding a strike and class boycott as a so-called referendum amid the pandemic and severe economic downturn.


Appointments on Innovation and Technology development and Re-industrialisation in Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s economy heavily relies on the financial industry, the local economy is less stable and less capable in building resilience. We support the Government’s proposal for promoting the development of innovation & technology and re-industrialisation, as we believe it helps improving Hong Kong’s economic development, building foundation for the advanced manufacturing industry, as well as assisting innovations.


Views on Review of Statutory Minimum Wage rate

The business sector is now facing immense difficulties while unemployment rate soars, the economic outlook of Hong Kong seems gloomy. As a large proportion of SMEs plan to have their pay frozen in the coming year, we are suggesting to keep the Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW) rate and make no amendment at $37.5 per hour. […]


HKCIEA’s Comment on 2020-21 Budget



HKCIEA’s Comment on “2019 Policy Address”

特區政府2019-2020施政報告主要著墨4點主題:房屋、土地供應、改善民生、經濟發展。其中因應整體社會對房屋及土地需求的形勢,施政報告積極提出舒緩土地及房屋壓力的措施,香港中華出入口商會對此表示認同。但是在推動經濟方面,我會認為施政報告未有足夠回應工商界 — 特別是受近幾個月社會事件影響的中小企的期望。


HKCIEA’s Comment on “2019-20 Budget”



Safeguarding National Unity with No Tolerance towards Hong Kong Independence


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